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Valentine’s Day

Our Luxury Valentine’s Day Floral Collection

F1Sometimes, you just need to go over-the-top in your expression of your love because the speechless, jaw-dropping expression you receive from that special someone when they see they gift is worth every penny!

For those of you that want to max out on their Valentine’s Day spending this year, along with that gorgeous jewelry and gourmet meal you have planned, why not select something extra special from our luxury Valentine’s Day floral collection?F2

We created this luxury line of Valentine’s Day flowers at our customers’ request when they were looking for something truly spectacular.

Here are some highlights that illustrate just how luxurious our floral design team can make a flower arrangement or bouquet for Valentine’s Day:F3

• Minerva Park Enchantment offers shades of red, pink, and pale green with roses, hydrangea, and lilies in a floral display that stands nearly two-feet tall. It’s stunning!
• Four-Dozen Roses Mixed Colors is perfect when you can’t decide what color of rose to get your love. This way, you can put rose colors together that represent the love, friendship, and loyalty you feel for that special someone.
• Amethyst Gardens of New Albany features orchids, statice, carnations, miniature roses, roses, and stargazer lilies along with greenery and seeded eucalyptus. This is a garden style flower arrangement that is sure to please.
• Tropical Love is a unique way to show your affection. It features white orchids, red roses and anthurium, and hanging amaranthis.

You can also consider doing a custom Valentine’s Day flower arrangement. You tell us the price, colors, and flower choices, and we can deliver something truly unique that you will never see anywhere else!
Don’t forget to add on some Valentine’s Day Cheryl’s Cookies, stuffed animal, balloons and greeting card! We have a wide selection to choose from for this special celebration of love! Or, you can enjoy one of our many Valentine’s Day packages that offers all of this in one go!

Also, if you choose to have your Valentine’s Day gifts and flowers delivered on the 11th, 12th, or 13th, you will receive a voucher for a free dozen roses or assortment of Cheryl’s Cookies that you can redeem during the month of March!F2

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Great Value for Valentine’s Day!

F1We understand that you are looking to “wow” your loved one and make that statement that shows that special someone just how much you care about them this Valentine’s Day.

That’s why we go the extra mile to ensure we provide some of the best value possible so you can deliver some amazing gifts to celebrate your love. F2

Our definition of value includes the freshest flowers, premium choices at a non-premium price, attention to every detail, special and exclusive products, and exceptional service.

This Valentine’s Day is no exception to that value rule as we enact it for every special occasion and every customer we work with across all of our Columbus flower shop locations as well as online through our flower shop website.

F3Here are some examples from our Valentine’s Day collection that illustrates that value:
• Swept Away offers lilies, hydrangea, carnations and roses along with mixed greenery in a lovely vase.
• Now on sale, 100 Premium Red Roses is a stunning way to send your love this year. It contains 100 long-stemmed red roses that have been hand arranged.
• Valentine Kisses includes daisies, spray roses, and mini carnations along with greenery in a special vase. F4
• Sweet Bliss features miniature roses, lilies, larkspur, and carnations in a uniquely shaped glass vase.
• Bloomin’ Love has carnations, waxflower, roses, and lilies in a red glass vase to reflect your love and the special holiday.
We also have a wide range of special Valentine’s Day packages that provide extra value. These include flowers, a stuffed animal, balloon, and chocolates or cookies!

Order today by phone, in our store, or online! We have many Valentine’s Day orders already in for delivery on Monday, February 13th. It looks as though many of our customers can’t wait to show their love this year!

It also might be our other special value we’ve added this year. If you place your order for February 11th, 12th, or 13th, you will receive a voucher for a free dozen roses or order of Cheryl’s Cookies that you can redeem during the month of March!

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Many Floral Ways to Show Love This Valentine’s Day

F1Flowers continue to take the top spot on the list of desired gifts for Valentine’s Day, and it’s no wonder because their beauty transmits a message of love in a way that cannot otherwise be expressed. Whether it is roses, carnations, orchids or a combination of flowers, we have many floral ways to say, “I love you,” this Valentine’s Day.

Here are some highlights from our Valentine’s Day collection that illustrate the range of styles and prices to suit all of our customers and their loved ones:F3
• Bloomin’ Love offers carnations, roses, lilies and waxflower in a red glass vase.
• Valentine Kisses includes daisies, spray roses, mini carnations and a mix of greenery in a vase.
• Swept Away showcases lilies, hydrangea, carnations and roses along with a combination of green accents in a beautiful vase. F4
• Valentine’s Day Dozen Roses is featured at the promotional price for $49.99. It contains twelve long-stemmed red roses arranged with baby’s breath and greenery in a glass vase.
• Tropical Love contains orchids, red anthurium and roses, and hanging amaranths. It’s a unique way to show your love this Valentine’s Day.
• Minerva Park Enchantment is a large flower arrangement with roses, hydrangea, and lilies. It stands nearly two feet tall in a glass vase.
• Two-Dozen Roses with Stargazers features 24 red roses and numerous stargazer lilies along with caspia in a glass vase. f4

Of course, we also have blooming plants, balloons, chocolates, Cheryl’s Cookies, and special Valentine’s Day gifts that you can add to your gift of flowers!

Order now to get the best value, selection, and delivery time and date for local and national deliveries. We accept Valentine’s Day orders by phone, in our Columbus flower shops, and through our website.

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Send a Valentine’s Day Message of Love with Stunning Roses

Valentine’s Day is just a few weeks away so it’s a great idea to start planning now and even get your gift shopping wrapped up now! We’ve just introduced our Valentine’s Day collection full of stunning flowers, roses, plants, and gifts that cater to every style and budget.

F1Roses are a traditional Valentine’s Day gift, especially when purchased in red as this represents love. We have partnerships with some of the best rose farmers in the world, delivering the highest quality long-stem roses so you can gift your sweetheart with only the best. F2

Here are some of our rose arrangements for Valentine’s Day:
• Valentine’s Day Dozen Roses gives you 12 long-stem roses with baby’s breath, greenery, a glass vase and bow. It’s on sale right now for $49.99 while supplies last!
• Our 48 Premium Red Roses offers four-dozen roses in red hand arranged in a glass vase for a stunning display.
• Four Dozen Roses Mixed Colors gives you the same amount – 48 roses – but mixes it up with an assortment of color.F4
• Supersize your love with 100 Premium Red Roses. This is a luxurious and extraordinary way to show your love. It’s an over-the-top flower arrangement that is also currently on sale while supplies last! F5
• It doesn’t have to be huge to say, “I love you.” Instead, you can get 6 Red Roses with baby’s breath and greenery in a glass vase and stick to your budget without lessening your sentiment.
• Roses can be combined with other flowers to make a beautiful Valentine’s Day flower arrangement. For example, Two Dozen Roses with Stargazers gives you 24 red roses along with caspia and stargazer lilies in a glass vase. F6

Besides these extraordinary rose arrangements for Valentine’s Day, our Columbus flower shops and websites have Valentine’s Day flower arrangements, balloons, gifts, Cheryl’s Cookie and more!

You can order by calling us, visiting our Columbus florist locations, or going to our website!

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Leave Her Speechless with Luxury Valentine’s Day Flowers

F3While we have always focused on the freshest flowers and best value for Valentine’s Day, this year, we have added a luxury Valentine’s Day collection of flowers for those looking at something spectacular free of a budget.

We define our luxury collection by the quantity and type of premium flowers included as well as upgraded sophisticated containers that hold these beauties. Prices range from $185 to $250 and higher for those who want to create a custom luxury Valentine’s Day flower arrangement. F1

This year’s collection has some stunning options for Valentine’s Day:

  • Minerva Park Enchantment has roses, lilies, and hydrangea in shades of red, pink, and pale green. This floral display is so spectacular that it stands almost two feet tall.F5
  • Tropical Love is for those who adore tropical and exotic flowers like orchids, amaranths, anthurium and roses. It’s paradise in a glass vase.
  • Amethyst Gardens of New Albany is another large flower arrangement with roses, carnations, statice, miniature roses, orchids and stargazer lilies along with seeded eucalyptus in a garden-style design.F4
  • Four-Dozen Roses offers 48 premium long-stem roses in a rainbow of colors.
  • If 48 roses are not enough, go even bigger with 75 Yellow Roses. That’s over six-dozen roses. Of course, you can also order other colors if they are available.

These luxury flower arrangements for Valentine’s Day are made to go the distance so your loved one is sure to enjoy them for a week or more with just some basic maintenance. That’s because we choose the best flowers, hand arrange them, and then hand deliver them in a container versus box. Even those these are luxury flower arrangements with a higher price, you are still getting incredible value plus ensuring your loved one has the best Valentine’s Day ever! F2

Don’t forget that we also offer greeting cards, balloons, chocolates, Cheryl’s Cookies and more for your sweetheart! Shop for Valentine’s Day now! We will be delivering on Valentine’s Day despite it landing on a Sunday this year so get your order in quick!

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Think Outside the Box This Valentine’s Day

F1While the traditional gift for Valentine’s Day has been a dozen red roses in a box, the trend toward what sends a message of love has changed to receiving a unique, hand-arranged, and hand-delivered flower arrangement.F1

These special Valentine’s Day arrangements look as though it was just made (and, if it was from us, it most likely was just made before it reached your loved one’s office or home!).F2

While many companies are offering boxed flowers this Valentine’s Day for next nothing, the problem is that the flowers have to be cut and arranged by your loved one and, even worse, are either on their way out or already wilted.

This is no way to send your sweetheart something special on Valentine’s Day.

Instead, come check out our Columbus flower shop and special Valentine’s Day collection of flowers, plants, and gifts for the freshest flowers for Valentine’s Day, including traditional roses plus other favorites like tulips, carnations, lilies, orchids and more. F4

Our floral design team hand arranges these flowers to keep them fresh so they can last throughout the Valentine’s Day holiday and into the following week.

This not only pleases your loved one, but you also get better value than going with the cheap florist that boxed them up and shipped them out to your recipient.

We are especially proud of our Valentine’s Day packages that include roses, chocolates, and a special stuffed animal. With different budgets, we have offered something for everyone. These are great because they can also wrap up your Valentine’s Day shopping in just one purchase!

While we will be delivering on Sunday, February 14th, we are also very busy sending out hand deliveries throughout Columbus this week. This gives your loved one the chance to show off their Valentine’s Day gift to their colleagues at work and also give you more delivery options.

Shop today for Valentine’s Day!


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Flowers are a Popular Valentine’s Day Gift Now on Sale!

F1There are many fancy and expensive things you can buy your Valentine, but it’s flowers that continually top the list of favorite Valentine’s Day gifts.

It could be that nature’s beauty offers the best messages of love through their color and visual display.F2

We can see firsthand just how popular flowers are for Valentine’s Day based on the high volume of orders we have already received.F3

To sweeten the deal and enhance the value we focus on providing our customers, we are now offering January rose pricing on Valentine’s Day roses.

Our Ecuadorian roses are known for their exceptional size, color, and overall quality. Now you can enjoy a special low price for Valentine’s Day, which perhaps may mean that you can add another dozen to the order for that special someone.

The sale includes many colors, flower combinations, and gifts.F4

One special Valentine’s Day gift is the Valentines Hugs and Roses package with six red roses arranged in a vase along with a sweet teddy bear.

In addition, we have many other special Valentine’s Day bouquets like these from our Valentine’s Day gift collection:

  • Cupid’s Garden has a wide range of flower varieties and colors within a white ceramic container.F5
  • Be Mine features lilies, carnations, larkspur and carnations in a unique glass vase.
  • Valentine Kisses has mini carnations, mixed greenery, daisies and spray roses hand arranged in a sweet container.
  • Tropical Love is a unique flower arrangement that offers white orchids, red roses, hanging amaranths and red anthurium.
  • Minerva park Enchantment is a luxury flower arrangement, overflowing with roses, hydrangea, and lilies. At nearly two feet tall, it’s an awe-inspiring floral display.F6

Besides flowers, you can also pick up a Valentine’s Day card, Valentine’s Day balloons, Valentine’s Day chocolates, and other special Valentine’s Day gifts from our website or our Columbus flower shops.

You can visit any of our Columbus flower shops, call, or order online.

While we will be delivering on Sunday, February 14th, we recommend delivering earlier to turn the entire prior week into a celebration of love.

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Flowers, Chocolates, or Both? We Have You Covered for Valentine’s Day!

F1Although you might think it’s too early to start thinking about Valentine’s Day, it really isn’t.

Since it’s one of our busiest days of the year, we’ve been thinking and planning since just after New Year’s Day. We are now ready for this special holiday of love and are already getting Valentine’s Day orders at our Columbus flower shops.F2

Now’s the time for you to start checking out our new Valentine’s Day collection where we have numerous idea for Valentine’s Day flowers, Valentine’s Day chocolates, and Valentine’s Day gift packages available in our Columbus flower shops as well as through our website for added convenience. F3

To give you a sampling of what is available for your sweetheart, here are a few highlights that show you the range of what we offer in terms of style, products, and pricing:

  • We have numerous Valentine’s Day packages that make shopping fast and easy plus provide additional value. The Big Bear Hugs Package comes with two-dozen roses in your choice of colors plus a teddy bear and 24 assorted Cheryl’s Cookies. Super size your love with the Endless Romance Package that comes with four-dozen roses in your choice of colors including a mixed color option, 16 ounces of Amish Country Colentze chocolates, and a teddy bear. For extra F4value, we also offer smaller packages like Valentine’s Hugs and Roses, which offers six roses and a teddy bear.
  • Many unique Valentine’s Day flower arrangements are also available. The Valentine Kisses display offers daisies, spray roses, mini carnations and greenery accents. Sweetheart is a sweet floral display in a red cube vase with a range of flower varieties. Great for kids and adults, Puppy Love is a a special flower F5arrangement with two puppies made from white carnations, red roses, waxflower and statice in a basket.
  • Our Luxury Valentine’s Day flower collection is an over-the-top set of flower arrangements that shout your love through overflowing flower arrangement choices. For example, you can get 75 stunning yellow roses in a vase. That’s more than six dozen roses! We also offer this arrangement in other colors, depending upon availability.F6

Be sure to order early to get the best pricing, choices, and delivery date. While we are delivering on Sunday, February 14th, we do recommend you consider setting up an earlier delivery date for Valentine’s Day. That way, F7you can turn the whole weekend into a love fest!

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Nothing Says, “I Love You,” Quite Like Red Roses

f1Red roses are the traditional way to say, “I Love You,” and have been for centuries. Yet, even with the repeated gifts of red roses, no one ever seems to grow tired of receiving them. That’s because the message of love is so powerful in the gorgeous representation of red roses.

f2The best gifts are those that come from the heart, which means they don’t have to be fancy or complex. A simple red rose or bunch of them does the trick.

And, every year at Valentine’s Day, it never fails: our fresh red roses are the top seller. Of course, they can be displayed many different ways to enhance the gift that you are giving on this holiday of love. Here are just a few of the ways you can send red roses to your love this Valentine’s Day.

Divine Love Package consists of 18 long-stem roses with an eight-ounce box of Coblentz chocolates and a cute and cuddly teddy bear. Other options include adding on balloons or additional red roses to the flower arrangement.f3

Stay completely traditional with a dozen red roses arranged with baby’s breath. You can also upgrade to multiple dozens of red roses to make a grander statement of your adoration. Super-size that statement when you order 100 Premium Red Roses that will surely leave your loved one speechless.

Red roses also look amazing when combined with other flowers for Valentine’s Day. So Enchanting features red roses with elegant pink lilies. Other options include taking two dozen red roses and hand arranging them with capsia and stargazer lilies in an elegant glass vase.f4

Another option is Blossoms In Vogue, which has hot pink and bi-color roses, hot pink and yellow spray roses, and green hydrangea to create a spectacular Valentine’s Day flower arrangement.

Of course, you can also work directly with our floral design team to create your own custom rose arrangement for your loved one this Valentine’s Day. Come into one of our Columbus flower shops to see what’s possible!f5

Don’t forget that you can order in our Columbus flower shop, by phone, or through our website. Many of our Valentine’s Day flower arrangements and Valentine’s Day roses are still on sale! We will be delivering on Valentine’s Day so get your orders in today!

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Make a Lasting Impression This Valentine’s Day


Ecuadorian Red Roses Make Great Valentine’s Day Gifts!

While your loved one probably knows how you feel about them, holidays like Valentine’s Day provide a day to proclaim that love in a special way.

Whether it is with a gift or time shared together, Valentine’s Day is a reminder to stop and reflect on the love that we have for someone else and for the love that they have for us.

For us, it is a special day because, as florists and a gift shop, we get to participate in so much love by hand arranging and designing special flower arrangements and bouquets that illustrate how two people for each other.

Now, multiple that feeling by hundreds and you can be sure we are all feeling pretty special in each one of our Flowerama locations throughout Columbus.f6

This year, Valentine’s Day falls on a Saturday, which makes it the perfect excuse for a weekend getaway. Whether you plan on gifting your love on the special day or maybe have even considered sending flowers early in the week to surprise and delight them with a beautiful statement they can enjoy all week, consider us your source for this holiday of love.

Here are some of our highlights from our new Valentine’s Day collection, which features flowers, plants, and gifts, including many on sale now:

  • We have stunning roses in an array of colors and quantities. They can be arranged traditionally with baby’s breath and greenery or with a number of other types of flowers.
  • Our luxury collection features over-the-top flower arrangements that are bursting with dozens of flowers with some offering three to four dozen gorgeous blooms.f7
  • For those who love a little green in their life, we have an assortment of hanging baskets, garden baskets, blooming plants and green plants to choose from.
  • To round out your Valentine’s Day gift-giving, we also have great add-on gifts or standalone gifts, including balloon bouquets, Valentine’s Day themed stuffed animals, chocolates, fruit baskets, gourmet gift baskets and greeting cards. This year, we also have an extraordinary pendant that is a beautiful way to say, “I love you.”f5

Don’t forget that we can also make anything you like thanks to our floral design team located in our Denver flower shop. Giving a custom Valentine’s Day flower arrangement will be sure to charm that special someone in your life.

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